Basic Training Set. "Customised in your own colours"

Order your own Basic training set now.
Note! This set comes temporarily without padded knives! 

Email me for more information and for the colours you want for this beautiful and high quality training set at 

This is a basic Training set for SSBD (Silat Suffian Bela Diri)                                  The basic set contains; 

  • 2x Training knives (pisau) 
  • 2x Padded training knives (pisau) (sold out)
  • 2x Carribean panga machete or 2x Visayan Binagon Machete (in every color you want)
  • 2x Tekpi (1 Set) 
  • 2x kerambit (a.k.a. Karambit)  (in every color you want)
  • 1x Selingdang (scarf)  Different colours available
  • 1x kubotan aluminium (palm stick)

Please Note! It will take some time to make this set, because it is custom made for you in your colour. 

About the time of proces. This all depends on the quantity and the color you want and if all materials are in stock. 

You will have all this information through email. 

For your information, Custom made products can't be returned. This counts for every custom made product in our webshop.

469.98 €