Warisan Logo

The Meaning of Warisan and the Logo

The name Warisan.

Translated literally, Warisan means legacy. Ancient knowledge, wisdom, principles and skills passed on and taught from Grand Masters to Masters, and from Masters to their Pupils and so on. Throughout the decades these students have passed on the knowledge and wisdom which evolved later on as a family style.

The reason why I mentioned Grand Masters and Masters here is because there are multiple martial arts styles in our academy.

This knowledge has therefore been acquired by several Grand Masters and Masters. A valuable collection that we proudly call "Legacy" Warisan.

The Pattern in the Logo

The lines that are visible in the logo form an endless geometric pattern and represent an infinite learning pattern. They simulate also an uninterrupted smooth movement to shift to the next step, technique or application without difficulty, hesitation or doubt should this be necessary. They are half curves (Large C) -shaped movements that need to be trained in both left and right sides to imprint/ integrate them in your system and blend seamlessly into each other. It trains your subconscious mind, reflexes, timing, positioning and strategy. The outer protruding point-shaped lines represent the large C-shaped movements and these are connected to each other. In reality, they become smaller C-shaped movements.

These lines also represent our lines of attack and large distance fight, also called long range. This is depicted in our unique footwork pattern.

The nodes which are marked in grey and white are the points where the energy flow can be changed to another direction to create a balance disturbance in combination with a hit and sweep. In the end, all principles, methods and techniques in our system can all be combined and fit together as Lego pieces.

The black dots

Above the points represent the hits / counters (we call them also finishers) that arrive simultaneously or even slightly earlier than the defense / counter in the event of an attack. These hits / counters will be present at the ends of the pointed lines both inside and outside. These points are also displayed as reference points and they are used extensively during the fight, by manipulating the body structure of the opponent and countering with the correct distance determination. 

The outer lines

go from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside. This represents our footwork and body mechanisms. We go out and in while we continue to move in a fluid circular motion and break the balance of the opponent while we remain at the correct distance and always in good balance. We move, attack, defend and counter in the directions taught in our system.

The circle

represents our own energy field and personal space. A circle is unbreakable. Within this is our safe zone (comfort zone). Our body conditioning training (Tarikan tenaga training "Iron Body") is meant to create a strong and healthy body. This also includes meditation to create a strong mind and a good balance within yourself. The circle connects all lines with each other because it is intertwined and therefore the logo forms a unit. Just like our system itself.

The following small pointed (C) lines

within the circle also represent the lines of attack and our unique footwork pattern in our system and the short distance fight, also called close combat.

These have the same smooth movements as the larger point-shaped (C) lines. This represents the actual size of the smooth, large (C) -shaped motion that is achieved through stress and tension. We train the movements excessively large, because, as stated above, these movements actually become smaller due to circumstances. If we only train small movements, there is a possibility that you will freeze in an actual attack and at such a moment of freezing you can only take the hits. Even though we condition our bodies, we want to prevent every possible impact that can injure us.

The small pointed triangles

are black, just like the dots on the outside, around the pointed lines of the logo. (Close Combat finishers)

Here too it represents the hits / counters, which are much more powerful because we are closer to our center and of the opponent's one, which goes together with our footwork, correct position and the force of our entire body. The movements are more compact. We manipulate the body structure of the opponent by using our footwork together with the counter attack the opponent will always be busy restoring his body structure and his / her balance. These black triangular shapes also mean the unpredictable. Here the opponent can expect everything. This is why we train attacks from directions or angles of attack what people do not expect or see coming.

Hard and soft is also represented here. We can strike hard if necessary and give a one punch knockout as an attack / counter. When it is not the first counter than it will be the second counter that stops the fight. We can also be gentler during our trainings. During training we hit each other in a restrained manner, but with full intention and conviction. Only the impact of the attack or counter that we use is controlled. Our movements remain the same as we would use in a real fight. And a break turns into a lock, hyperextension or foot sweep or submission.

The Hexagon

that we find in the middle is protected by the unbreakable circle and the flowing geometric pattern, powerfully intertwined and rotated around the core / center like a tornado.

The middle represents our inner being, where it must be harmonious at all times in whatever situation, and must radiate tranquility. The eye of the tornado is always quiet and peaceful. The sky is always clear there: same as our mind, clear, able to think well and to remain calm, not to make unnecessary mistakes. Do not let them lure you, do not freeze due to stress, anxiety or adrenaline. We remain in our own system where smooth movements keep us very mobile, but at the same time with a solid foundation. And this makes our system a unit, such as our beautiful and powerful logo.

Copyright logo design by Marcel Horstman