Warisan Escrima logo

Here is the explanation of the elements in our Warisan Escrima logo featuring a Kalasag (warrior shield), a spear, a kampilan, a set of barong. a set of knives, a set of karambits, and a set of sticks.

Explanation of our weapons in our logo:

1. **Shield**:

Meaning: The shield symbolizes defense and protection. In the context of martial arts, it represents the techniques and strategies used to defend oneself from attacks.

Application in Escrima: In Escrima, where quick and effective defense is crucial, the shield represents the essential defensive mechanisms.

2. **Spear**:

Meaning: The spear stands for distance and precision. It is a weapon used to keep the enemy at bay and to perform accurate strikes.

Application in Escrima: In Escrima, the use of long weapons like the spear provides a strategic advantage by maintaining distance and keeping opponents at bay.

3. **Kampilan**:

Meaning: The kampilan is a traditional Filipino sword known for its long, broad blade. It symbolizes power and the rich history of Filipino martial arts.

Application in Escrima: This sword is used for powerful, broad strikes and represents the lethal effectiveness of traditional Filipino weapons in combat situations.

4. **Set of Barong**:

Meaning: The barong is a traditional Filipino knife with a broad, short blade. It symbolizes strength and the historical connection to Filipino warrior culture.

Application in Escrima: The barong is used for powerful strikes and cutting movements, representing the brute force and effectiveness of traditional Filipino weapons.

5. **Set of Knives**:

Meaning: Knives represent speed, precision, and versatility in combat. They can be used for both defense and swift, deadly attacks.

Application in Escrima: Knives are an essential part of Filipino martial arts and are often used in techniques requiring speed and accuracy.

6. **Set of Karambits**:

Meaning: The karambit is a small, curved knife traditionally from Southeast Asia. It stands for deadly precision and the surprising nature of concealed weapons.

Application in Escrima: Karambits are used for their sharp, curved blades that enable efficient cutting movements and precise attacks, often in close-quarters combat.

7. **Set of Sticks**:

Meaning: Sticks are one of the most recognizable weapons in Escrima and represent versatility and foundational skills in the martial art. They can be used for both offense and defense.

Application in Escrima: Stick fighting is at the core of many Escrima techniques, and the skills developed with sticks are often transferable to other weapons and even unarmed combat techniques.

The logo as a whole:

Symbolism: Combining these elements in the Warisan Escrima logo symbolizes a comprehensive approach to Filipino martial arts. It shows respect for tradition and the versatility of techniques and weapons within Escrima.

Visual Impact: Each weapon and the shield contribute to the visual impact of the logo, emphasizing the resilience, diversity, and deadly effectiveness of the martial art.

The logo thus reflects not only the various weapons and techniques within Escrima but also the rich tradition and profound skills that this martial art encompasses.

Explanation of why we have our weapons positioned like this:

In our Warisan Escrima logo you see that we're having all the weapons with the cutting side downwards. This can carry several meanings and connotations, both in terms of symbolism and practical representation:

1. **Respect and Readiness**:

Respect for Tradition: Positioning the cutting side down can be seen as a sign of respect and honor towards the weapons and the traditions they represent. It shows that the weapons are revered and not used recklessly.

Readiness: This orientation suggests that the weapons are ready for use, but are currently at rest. It conveys a state of preparedness without aggression, indicating discipline and control.

2. **Peaceful Intent**:

Symbol of Peace: By displaying the weapons with the cutting edges down, the logo can symbolize a preference for peace and defense over aggression and offense. It shows that the focus is on protection and mastery rather than on attacking.

3. **Visual Balance and Aesthetics**:

Aesthetic Harmony: The uniform orientation of the weapons creates a visually balanced and harmonious design. It ensures that the logo looks cohesive and professional.

Focus on Form: This orientation can highlight the form and craftsmanship of each weapon, allowing viewers to appreciate the design and detail without the immediate impression of threat.

4. **Symbolic Meanings in Martial Arts**:

Control and Discipline: In many martial arts traditions, how weapons are displayed can reflect the values of control, discipline, and respect. The cutting side down can imply that the practitioner has mastered the weapon and uses it with care and responsibility.

Hidden Potential: This orientation might also symbolize the hidden potential and power of the weapons and the martial artist. It suggests that while the weapons are currently passive, they hold significant power and capability.

Overall, having the cutting side down in our Warisan Escrima logo conveys a message of respect, readiness, peace, and discipline, while also ensuring a visually appealing and harmonious design.

You see that the only weapon that is pointing up is our spear.

This is for Historical and Cultural Significance.

Tradition: The spear is a significant weapon in many traditional Filipino martial arts. Displaying it with the tip up honors its historical importance and cultural heritage (Warisan)

Warrior Spirit: The spear tip up can evoke the warrior spirit, symbolizing the courage, honor, and fighting spirit of the practitioners.