For the first time in Curaçao

Guro Marcel "Hangin Garimot" Horstman of Warisan International Martial Arts Academy will teach a 4 hour GAT "Garimot Arnis Training" and Warisan Silat Seminar.

Professional Martial Artist Edwin Baas from Baas Sports is hosting this event, and we are very proud and honoured to make this happen. The Seminar will take place on the 6th of April from 8 till 12 am @ Parasasa Beach Curaçao

There are limited places available, so register on time for this event by fill-up the registration form below this message, fill-up your name, email address  and in the message field with how many you come to participate and press submit. 

or email @ or

All the other information is on the flyer.
See you all there at Parasasa Beach

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Earlier Bird Ticket Promo!!

If you like to join for both days, we have a Promo!!

When you register and pay for both days before September 25 you pay only €100,- instead of €120,-

How does this work?
Simply register yourself through the fill-up form below and pay by bank transfer to IBAN NL38 INGB 0631 3990 11 on the name of Warisan International Martial Arts Academy 
Make sure you put the names of the participants in the description when you make the payment. 
be aware that after September 25 the Promo is not valid anymore and we will use the regular price again of €120,- for 2 days.
So take advantage of this unique chance while it is still available. 

You want only to come over to watch? You can but the entrance fee is the same price of €70,00
So you better train! 

It's Time!


Finally, we can post it and make it official! Syeikh Demank Ahmad of Pukulan Patikaman is coming for a tour to Europe, and we from Warisan International Martial Arts Academy in co-operation with the NPSF are the first ones who can welcome Syeikh Demank here in the Netherlands, where he is going to share his amazing fighting art.

If you like weapon-based and realistic Martial Arts, make sure you'll be there and don't miss this one!


7 & 8 October

 Saturday from 12:00 till 18:00
 Sunday from 10:00 till 16:00


Skagerrak 188
 2133DW Hoofddorp

 WhatsApp +31619376747


See you all at the event!
Hormat 🙏

For fast and simple registration. 

* Just fill up your name and email address below this text.

* Leave a short message with how many people you like to participate               (please write down their names) and for how many days.

Guru Evan Tai

More / 中文

Is coming for the first time to the Netherlands!!

Don't miss this opportunity to train with him.

Open for everyone who is interested in Silat & FMA.

Date 4th & 5th of July

Time 4th from 19:00 - 22:00

           5th from 19:00 - 22:00

Location: Gym Emile Hullebroekstraat 64, Utrecht

Contact: Ket +31(0)622982057 to register or register here below the picture with an additional message with your name(s) and submit

Here you can read his way of learning different kinds of his disciplines.

Learning different kinds of martial arts when young. Including : Wing Chun, Yiquan, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Sanda and Self-defense and the advanced level in Silat and Arnis.

2008-2010 joined different kind of tournaments (Boxing and Sanda) champion in weight in 52KG.

2011 Focused practice on Silat and Arnis from abroad. ( GM Rodel Dagooc, Maestro Melchor William Amosco, SGM Vicente Sanchez, Guru Maul Mornie, Guro Dan Inosando, Kang Cecep Arif Rahman, Guru Pendekar Temsek, Abah Gending Raspuzi, SGM Lolo Sioux Inocencio Glaraga, GM Henry Espera, GM Nicomedes Elizar, Guro Pumpee Batindaan, SGM Lot Villabrille, Lakan Ronnie Royce Base, GM Celestino Castro Macachor, SGM Diony Cenete Odl, GM Pepito A. Sabalbarino). Collecting the different style max in Evantai training system.

2013 Maestro Punong Melchor William Amosco awarded a level of GURO of certificate in Hong Kong to Evan Tai who under on his direction for advanced studies in Arnis.

2014 Successful passed advanced instructor course that 5th Dan Black Belt (Punong Guro) awarded by SGM Vicente Sanchez & Maestro Punong Melchor William Amosco.

Start from 2014, Evan had invited and hosted workshops and seminars in different countries. e.g. Taiwan (Taipei), Taiwan (Tai Chung), Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, China, Australia (Brisbane), Australia (Melbourne), Switzerland (Zurich) etc......

Evan(Chief Instructor of HKCQC) had also invited by Singapore Police Force as the Close Quarters Technical Instructor in 2014-Now. The divisions of Police Force include VIP Protection Group, Aviation Enforcement Task Group, Special Duties Unit (SDU), Police Academy of instructor team etc…

2015 Evan has appointed by Amazon International Property Management & "Wolf "Systema Taiwan as the Close Quarters Combat Honorary Advisor in Taiwan.

2017 Evan had Invited by Beijing TV (BTV) as the Fighting Scenes Designer and Honorary Advisor in China. <<The Longest Day in Chang'AN>>

2019 Evan has appointed as 5th Philippine Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Hong Kong Counter Director and awarded the Distinguished FMA Master of the Year.

2019 Evan Successful passed advanced instructor course that 6th Dan Black Belt (Maestro) awarded by SGM Lolo Sioux Inocencio Glaraga & Maestro Punong Melchor William Amosco.

2019 RTHK Kung Fu Quest Season 4 - Silat & FMA Host.

2020 Evan has appointed by Marvel Studio as the Action Creation Team, Martial Arts Consultant and Stunt Performer.<<Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings>>


Details:About,We from Warisan International Martial Arts Academy present,A 6 hour SSBD training with Cikgu Marcel Horstman! The Dutch group leader of Silat Suffian Bela Diri.This event will take place on the 29th of April 2023.Please read all.Here you will all the information about the seminar.Check out our website. for this and all other future events. Also for all your training weapons. Warisan is the place where you can find it.Register yourself on time so that you have a place for sure.We have limited places available, so think and act fast!Location:Skagerrak 1882133 DW HoofddorpGym 1(The same building where Satria Muda is based)Time Schedule:Saturday the 29th start 12:00 till 18:00There will be short breaks to drink water and eat something. Please bring your own food and snacks.FeesThe Damage for this day is €45,- per personAnnouncement 1Register yourself by email and if you want to pay for the Seminar €45,- in advance, you will find the details below.We like to do this to safe time on the event.You can pay by Bank transfer to this account number:IBAN (NL38 INGB 0631 3990 11)Foreigners who would like to pay in advance for the seminar need also this BIC code (INGBNL2A)Announcement 2What to do Next:On the day of the Seminar please report at least 30 minutes before the Seminar starts that you are there and come to the person who does the registration.This person can be Marcel Horstman or one of his assistants for that day.If you have registered and paid in advance then your name will be on that list.There is also a fill-up form for the insurance that you need to fill up.Without filling up this form and paying your fee it is not allowed to participate to any of our Seminars.Announcement 3There will also be safety goggles, training knives, weapons, t-shirts and other merchandises for sale.Announcement 4There is no restitution possible after the payment. Because we had expenses for the seminar and all what comes with it to organize this event.For any question please feel free to contact me through email or phone +31619376747 (Marcel Horstman)

Warisan International Martial Arts Academy

will launch in 2023 a brand new yearly FMA event M.O.A.

                            Masters of Arnis!
An FMA event where FMA Masters from different parts of the world will be invited to teach their skills. This can vary between a few hours up till 16 hours (2 days) from one or more Masters who share the floor together.

If you are a Master and you want to teach on our Masters of Arnis event, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Stay tuned and get your information here.

Register yourself here for M.o.A.
Register yourself here for M.o.A.

Arnis / Kali / EscrimaSeminars 2023

Every year we organize a few FMA Seminars to share the art and spread the knowledge about this ancient martial art.

An amazing Martial Art with different kind of weapons.

Sticks, Machetes, Knives, Karambit, and many more. And of course we have the Filipino Dirty Boxing Panantukan

The official dates will be added.

A must go for all Martial Artists.

Add us to your bucket list.

Self DefenseSeminars 2023

A Self-Defense course Seminar for People who want to learn how to defend theirselves in a effective way with the simple things in daily life. This is developed for people who don't have time or simply don't want to undertake a complete Martial Art course.

We organize this a few times a year so stay tuned and join these Self-Defense seminars.

Knife DefenceSeminars 2023

In these times many people carry a knife to protect themselves against mentally  unstable individuals or dangerous situations, but they don't have the knowledge how to handle a knife in an efficient way. and the worst part they don't have a clue how to defend themselves against a knife attack. Everybody can swing a knife around, but can you protect yourself against a knife attack? The chance that you lose your own knife or that an attacker has also a knife or intercept your knife is huge and now he is the one with the knife and has a complete different mindset than yours.

We teach you how to defend yourself against a knife attack and make the chance to survive bigger.


Knife vs Knife & Knife vs Empty Hands

Instructor CourseSeminars 2023

Here we offer exclusive Instructor courses in different levels. You can become a basic instructor after completing and mastering the basics. To become an Instructor, full Instructor and advanced Instructor you first need to become a Cikgu in our Academy. After completing this you can enrol to become an Instructor in our Academy or under our wings. 

The courses what we offer are

* Basic Instructor level 1,2,3                    (For kids or Adults)

* Instructor level 1,2,3

* Full Instructor level 1,2,3

* Advanced Instructor level 1,2,3  

All Instructor Courses are divided in 6 till 8 study/training weekends of 2 days over the year. 

You need to fulfill this complete training course of each chosen Instructor course to become an Instructor.


Harimau / BuayaSeminars 2023

Harimau (Tiger) and Buaya (Crocodile) these are some important Animals which movements we copy in Silat. We use it mostly for takedowns and ground fights (fast finishers). You can think about dislocating of limbs or breaking of bones, taring of muscles or tendons. like the Tiger and Crocodile do in real life.

Of course we train in a decent way with lots of respect for our training partner and practice the takedowns and Fast finishers by using locks,  hyperextensions and submission. Instead of breaks, dislocating limbs, taring of muscles or tendons. 

These kind of seminars we offer 1 or 2 times a year.

A must go for all Martial Artist to add this to your own system.

Become a better you!

Warisan International Martial Arts Academy will launch in 2023 a brand new yearly Silat event M.O.S.

                            Masters of Silat!

A Silat event where Silat Masters from different parts of the world will be invited to teach their skills. This can vary between a few hours up till 16 hours (2 days) from one or more Masters who share the floor together.

If you are a Silat Master and you want to teach on our Masters of Silat event, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Stay tuned and get your information here.